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Ortovox Zoom

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Product Description

If you're buried, ORTOVOX's patented Smart-Antenna Technology, which comes in the ZOOM+, is what you want on your side. It determines your body's orientation and switches to the optimal transmission antenna to offer almost double the range to rescuers, no matter what beacon is used for searching. Through a motion sensor, the ZOOM+ automatically switches back to transmit mode in case searchers are hit by an additional avalanche. The ZOOM+ simplifies the searching process: Intuitive search acoustics make victims easier to pinpoint and a large LED display guides you to your buried friend with distance information and directional arrows. Two operating buttons turn the beacon on or off and from search to transmit mode. One AA battery will power the environmentally-friendly ZOOM+ for 250 hours in transmission mode.

    Visual + acoustic search:
    The ZOOM focuses the person searching on the large display in the middle of the device. LEDs are used to show the distance to the victim, the direction using arrows and if there is more than one victim. Large LEDs are easy to read especially in poor visibility conditions and at night. The visual search mode is supported by intuitive search acoustics. Higher and fast sounds tell you that you are approaching the avalanche victim.

    The ZOOM's complete electronics are checked when it is turned on (self test) and constantly monitored while in use. In case of a burial, once search mode has been activated, rescuers get an initial signal at 40 meters and are able to make use of a search strip width of the same size. Without having to compromise on transmission time, the ZOOM saves on the environment and your wallet! One AA battery is sufficient for 250 hours in transmission mode.

    Switch over in case of a follow-up avalanche:
    The ZOOM is equipped with the latest, digital 3-ANTENNA TECHNOLOGY and with a motion sensor. This is required for switching over in case of a follow-up avalanche. If the transmitter registers no movement for more than 120 seconds while searching, it automatically switches back to transmission mode. Rescuers are thereby protected from follow-up avalanches at all times.

    The integrated Smart-Antenna-Technology analyzes the position of the antennas in the avalanche and automatically switches to the best transmission antenna. The result: 43% more range in the worst reception area. The patented Smart-Antenna-Technology is compatible with all avalanche transceivers, in other words regardless of which device the person searching is using.

    Intuitive design:
    The ZOOM is designed for ease of use. Just two buttons make operating errors practically impossible. Once switched on, it is possible to switch between transmission and search mode using the safety switchover button. Subsequent search instructions are given on the large LED-display. An all-round soft rubber ring guarantees easy handling and additional protection. An elastic hand strap and a comfortable bag prevents it from getting lost.

  • Maximum range: up to 40 m / 131 ft.
  • Search strip width: up to 40 m / 131 ft.
  • Reliable signal analysis: yes
  • Transmission capacity: approx. 250h
  • Automatic switchover in case of a secondary avalanche: 120 sec.
  • Optimized power consumption: 1 Alkaline AA 1,5 V LR06
  • Precise self-test: yes
  • Patented Smart-Antenna-Technology
  • Automatic location of the strongest transmission signal
  • Display fine search with acoustic support
  • Distance and direction display and indicator LED Display
  • Intuitive display of multiple victims
  • Intuitive search acoustics
  • Microprocessor control
  • High-quality rubber coating
  • Comfortable bag with elastic strap for device
  • Hand loop
  • Permanent monitoring of the transmitter in transmission mode
Range 40 m
Battery Life 250 h
Digital / Analog Digital
Dimensions 116x 79x 23 mm
Number of Antennas 3
Approx. Weight 200 g
Recommended Use High Mountaineering & Expeditions

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2 opinions
contenedor - 29 Mar 2019
Fácil de usar, económica
+ Fácil de usar y económica. - Consume mucho. Podría ser más compacta
B - 30 Ago 2017
The product arrived in a very timely fashion and in good condition. It has been tested and will do what is expected by me. I was a little disappointed that I was unable to register the product with the supplier even though the owners manual gave a website to register and promised an extended warrantee however there were no registration options available on the Orotvox website. I am very pleased with the spend of supply to my location in Canada and will recommend your store to my friends. Thank you Brian Naramata BC Canada

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