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Barrabes – At Home in the Mountains

The Pyrenees are one of the most important mountain ranges in Europe.

Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt

A guide to the most popular ski touring route in the world

Mont Blanc, 4,808 m. Four routes up the highest peak in the Alps. Climbing guide

The highest peak in the Alps is a challenge that attracts every mountain climber at least once.

(Incomplete) Birthday Present: Mountain exploration in the heart of Khumbu valley

Tomeu Rubi & Cati Lladó are now well-known to many of our Barrabes readers. Dedicated to mountain exploration, they are excellent representatives of this trend who believe the world is a huge place for those willing to follow their own path and get off the beaten track.

Crossing Iceland from south to north, on foot and by packraft

Hilo Moreno and José Mijares have shared many adventures together and are now like old friends to our Barrabes readers.

Pyrenean sunsets: a night with Helios & Selene

If it's still not clear, I'm talking about sleeping on top of the Pyrenees; spending the night on the highest peaks to ensure you get a front row seat in a play starring Helios and Selene.

Huaraz; the heart of the Andes. Climbing & mountaineering in Peru

The Cordillera Blanca is in the Ancash region of Peru and extends for 180km from north to south.

Svartisen: Crossing one of the largest glaciers in Norway with skis and packraft: by José Mijares & Hilo Moreno

We are delighted to be able to share with our readers this glacier crossing, by José Mijares, which took place near his home at North Cape, Norway.

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