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Beal Opera DryCover Unicore 8.5 mm (por metros)

US$ 3.04
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US$ 3.04

Product Description

Beal launches a lightweight rope with only 48 g per meter and 8.5mm in diameter, it is a sample of the commitment that the brand has made for the most advanced technologies.

The Opera 8.5 has triple approval for use in single, double and twin, which will delight both expert climbers and mountaineers, who seek lightness, glide and safety, or those who seek a versatile rope for routes along edges or classic, mixed or snow routes.

It incorporates Unicore technology, until now reserved for semi-static ropes. Beal has managed to unify the core and the sheath of these dynamic strings to limit the movements between the 2 parts, to optimize their operation. Dynamic strings using the UNICORE process swell less, are more flexible, easier to handle, and last longer. By having a sheath that is smoother than a classic rope, friction on carabiners and rock is reduced, resistance to abrasion is further improved and rope retrieval is much easier for effortless carabiners. The climber really has the feeling of climbing with a much thinner and lighter rope, as the fluidity is greater and retains all the benefits of belaying with a larger diameter rope.

The cover receives the Dry Cover treatment, which makes it more resistant to abrasion, dust and moisture and helps it to maintain flexibility over time. Each Beal rope also has an Individual Identification Number which appears both on the end of the rope and on the individual Identity Card. This guarantees lifetime traceability and foolproof product tracking.

  • Versatile, ultralight, ultra-slippery.
  • Simple rope: very high level climber.
  • Double and twin rope: versatile climber / mountaineer.
  • Diameter: 8.5 mm
  • Sheath slippage: 0 mm.
  • Percentage of sheath: 37%.
  • Regulations: CE EN 892 (Simple, Double and Twin).
  • UIAA Shock Force Laboratory:
    • Use as string in simple: & # 8804; 12 kN.
    • Use as double rope: & # 8804; 8 kN.
    • Use as twin rope: & # 8804; 12 kN.
  • Shock force Beal guarantee:
    • Use as single rope: 7.4 kN (with 80 kg).
    • Use as double rope: 5.5 kN (with 55 kg / 1 rope).
    • Use as twin rope: 8.8 kN (with 80 kg / 2 strands).
  • Number of falls UIAA Laboratory:
    • Use as string in simple: & # 8805; 5.
    • Use as double rope: & # 8805; 5.
    • Use as twin rope: & # 8805; 12.
  • Number of falls Beal guarantee:
    • Use as single rope: 5 (with 80 kg).
    • Use as a double rope: 18 (with 55 kg / 1 rope).
    • Use as twin rope: 25 (with 8º kg / 2 strands).
  • Elongation after a first fall:
    • Use as a single rope: 37%.
    • Use as double rope: 32%.
    • Use as a twin rope: 29%.
  • Static elongation:
    • Use as a single rope: 8.4%.
    • Use as a double rope: 8.4% (1 rope).
    • Use as twin rope: 5.1% (2 strands).
  • Weight per meter: 48 g.

ATTENTION: This single rope is not to be used by anyone nor is it suitable for all devices: its smaller diameter requires an expert in belaying. Classic devices will brake less, while some automatic devices may not work.
Sheath Slippage 0 mm
Diameter 8,5 mm
Elongation 37%
Impact Force 7.4 kN/5.5 kN/8.6 kN
Number of Falls 5/20/25
Weight per Meter 48 g
Recommended Use High Mountaineering & Expeditions, Traditional Climbing, Ice-fall Climbing, Sport Climbing

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