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Beal Diablo Unicore 9.8 mm x 80 m

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Product Description

After Diablo 10.2 Unicore BEAL has developed the Diablo 9.8 UNICORE for more demanding climbers. Due to its very fluid running sheath the 9.8 Diablo performs even better when pulling slack and clipping than ‘classic' ropes of smaller diameter and lower weight. This rope is dedicated to expert climbers and experienced and vigilant belayers, because its easy running quality does not give the same assurance on belay as a rope of larger diameter.

USES: For experienced climbers / belayers only

In the past Unicore technology was reserved for semi static ropes only. UNICORE technology is now available on 2 BEAL dynamic ropes: DIABLO 10.2 mm and DIABLO 9.8mm

BEAL has succeeded in effectively linking the core and sheath of these dynamic ropes in a way that limits movement between the two parts, so that they work better together.

Dynamic ropes benefiting from the UNICORE process suffer less sheath slippage, stay supple, have good handling and have a longer lifetime.

By having a more free−running sheath than on a "classic" rope, friction against the rock and through karabiners is reduced, resistance to abrasion is improved, and the effort of pulling slack and clipping is greatly lessened.

The climber has the sensation of handling a much thinner and lighter rope because of the increased running fluidity, whilst retaining the assurance of a rope of higher diameter.
Key features:
    − Remains compact and supple
    − Better abrasion resistance
    − Ease of clipping

  • Number of bobbins: 32
  • Weight per metre: 61g
  • Sheath percentage: 38%
  • Impact force laboratory: 7.90 − 8 kN
  • Beal guaranteed impact force: 8.20 kN
  • Number of falls laboratory: 5−6
  • Beal guaranteed number of falls: 5
  • Sheath slippage: 0mm
  • Extension during first fall: 36%
  • Static elongation: 9.2%
  • Color might not coincide with the photo. For questions, please consult Barrabes Customer Service
Sheath Slippage 0 mm
Diameter 9.8 mm
Elongation 9.2%
Impact Force 8.20 kN
Number of Falls 5
Number of Bobbins 32
Weight per Meter 61 g
Recommended Use High Mountaineering & Expeditions
Dry Treatment No

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