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Beal Cobra II 8'6mm x60m DCVR Unicore

  • Anis
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Product Description

A classic half rope for trad. and ice-fall climbing adventures. With a low weight and soft feel, this rope is highly appreciated by climbers for long routes on rock or ice. Technical and robust to stand up to tough use on difficult climbs.

The perfect rope for multi-purpose alpine use, it excels on ice, long-routes...

    Strong points:
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Low impact force and high number of falls

    Each Beal rope has an Individual Identification Number which appears at one end of the rope and guarantees the traceability of the rope.

  • Diameter: 8.6 mm.
  • Length: 60 m.
  • Half rope UIAA CE: 1/2.
  • Number of bobbins: 40.
  • Weight per meter: 48 g.
  • Impact force laboratory: 4.85-4.90 kN.
  • Number of UIAA falls laboratory: 18-20.
  • Sheath slippage: 0 mm.
  • Elongation after first fall: 35%.
  • Static elongation: 11.5%.
  • Sheath percentage: 39%.
  • Resistence over edge with 0,75 mm radius: to fall factor 1,77
    On a classic rope, if the sheath is accidentally severed, it slides and bunches over many metres. It thus becomes impossible to pass this zone, whether climbing or descending. With the UNICORE Process, the sheath stays in place and the user may escape, either by climbing or by descending, whilst taking all necessary precautions.
    UNICORE on treated ropes:
  • Prevents sheath slippage.
  • Prevents sheath bunching.
  • Allows escape by abseil, even if the sheath is cut.

    Golden Dry treatment:
    In addition to the performance of Dry Cover, Beal also enhances the durability of the core by another exclusive procedure. Every filament in the strands of the core is coated with a fluoride solution by a continuous process, which is then heat-set and polymerised onto the polyamide. Protecting the rope from water absorption eliminates weight increase, risk of freezing on cold weather climbs, and slows the wearing of the rope considerably.
Sheath Slippage 0 mm
Diameter 8.6 mm
Elongation 35%
Impact Force 4.85-4.90 kN
Number of Falls 18-20
Number of Bobbins 40
Weight per Meter 48 g
Dry Treatment Dry Cover
Recommended Use High Mountaineering & Expeditions, Traditional Climbing, Ice-fall Climbing

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