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Korda's Lluisa Blanca 10.5 mm (by metres)

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Product Description

For professionals. A rope especially suitable for intensive use in caving, vertical work and specialized rescue teams.

The only rope on the market which is both semi-static and dynamic at the same time! offering interesting possibilities both in installation as well as in progression which would be impossible to attain with other ropes.

It is not necessary to soak this rope before use as it is factory-shrunk.

  • Diameter: 10.6 mm
  • Weight per metre: 76,6 - 76,9 g
  • Core weight: 48,4 - 48,5
  • Core percentage: 63%
  • Sheath weight: 28,5
  • Sheath percentage: 27%
  • Flexibility (K): 0.9
  • Sheath slippage: 0 mm
  • Elongation 50/150 Kg (test as semi-static rope): 4.6%.
  • Elongation 5/80 Kg (test as dynamic rope): 4.0%
  • Impact force: F:0,3/100 Kg (test as semi-static rope): 440 daN
  • Impact force F:2/80 Kg (test as dynamic rope): 1165 daN
  • Number of falls F:1/100 Kg (test as semi-static rope): 5
  • Number of falls F:2/80 Kg (test as dynamic rope): 6
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Melting temperature: 216ºC
  • Shrinkage: Instead of shrinking, the rope stretches by 0.7%
  • Resistance with figure-of-8 knot (test as semi-static rope): 3 minutes at 1500 daN
  • Static resistance: 3010 daN
  • Dynamic elasticity F:2/80 kg: 23.2%


  • Durability: High resistance to abrasion and more pleasant to touch
  • Stability: Complete bonding of the sheath and core. Every part of the rope works at the same time. Elimination of the unpleasant "sock effect"- ie. slippage of the rope sheath. Gives the rope greater dimensional stability throughout its useful life and considerably reduces gradual rope shrinkage over time. When applied to a semi-static rope this finishing makes it unnecessary to soak the rope prior to use and ensures that the rope will not shrink the first time it gets wet (thus avoiding the loss of between 4 and 8% in length).
  • Total Dry: A thermo-chemical finishing with Fluorocarbon. The rope is impermeable, absorbs less water, lasts longer and never freezes.

    Manufacturing options:

  • Hank lengths available: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 y 100 m
  • Reel lengths available: 50, 100 y 200 m
  • Stitched ends: hanks can be supplied with stitched ends. Tensile resistance in excess of 22 kN. Can also be supplied in the form of a lanyard approved in accordance with teh EN-354 standard. Lengths of 0.5, 1 & 1.5m
  • Manufactured colours: White, black, red.
  • CE EN 1891 type A & EN 892 as single rope
  • Diameter
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