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Katadyn Pocket

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Product Description

The Pocket water filter is robust and resistant, prefect for long journeys or expeditions, capable of filtering 50.000 litres of water (depending on the sediments in the water), and can therefore can be used for 1−4 people.
It is very easy to use with very few elements which makes it easy to filter water.

It is made up of a pre−filter with a sieve which we submerge in the water (stagnant or moving). The sieve must be clean and can?t touch the bottom. If the water has lots of sediment the filter can be covered by a coffee filter or the water can placed in a container and wait for the sendiments to settle. In doing so we can extend it?s working life.
The filter with the silver impregnated ceramic element inside a metal shell and a piston for pumping and the tubes for connection to draw in and exit the water..

The pocket is capable of filtering 99.9999% of bacteria (Klebsiella Terrigena) and 99.9% Protozoans cysts (Guardia or Cryptosporidium)

  • 50,000 litre filtering capacity (depending on the amount of sediment in the water).
  • Dimensions 24 x 6 cm.
  • Filtering capacity 1l/min.
  • Washable 0.2 micras silver impregnated ceramic filter.
  • Approx. weight 550 g.
  • Includes prefilter, clip to adjust the the bottle of the exit tube and a transport bag.
Filter Capacity 50.000 litres
Dimensions 20 x 6 cm
Removes Bacteria and protozoans
Approx. Weight 550 g
Recommended Use High Mountaineering & Expeditions, Hiking & Trekking, Travel

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1 opinions
nv - 02 Ago 2017
Expensive? yes. Heavy? yes. Do I use it often? Not really. Nowadays for most water filtration I've ben using Katadyn Befree, because is so much more practical and easy and weighs nothing. But the Katadyn pocket is always on my backpack because it is the only filter you can rely on when everything else fails. Other plastic filters break or malfunction when you need them most, Katadyn Befree can get clogged or punctured, but the katadyn pocket is a workhorse and is always ready for action...I often do multi-day trekking with kids or alone and in those situations I need to make sure I can get enough clear water out of the dirtiest stream or pool. The katadyn pocket is the only filter I can rely on for that. Water is your nº 1 need while trekking in good weather. Without water trekking quickly moves from joy into hell and so being able to get cristal clear water every single time is well worth the extra money and extra weight. This filter is awesome!

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