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Ed. Desnivel Los Ochomiles en Invierno

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Of all the "games" that mountaineers engage in in the highest mountains on the planet, the most difficult and cruel is to climb the fourteen peaks of more than eight thousand meters in the middle of the bitter winter cold. Fierce winds that can lift you up and throw you into the abyss, freezing temperatures that burn the lungs and numb the bones, weeks of psychological torture in an environment of dark isolation - adventures, in short, for people with a will of steel and unrelenting determination.

For the first time, award-winning writer Bernadette McDonald tells the story of how Polish mountaineers, ice warriors, made winter their own, perfecting what they called "the art of suffering" to make their way to the summit of Everest in the winter of 1980. That was the first eight-thousand they climbed that way, but it was not the last. Bernadette reveals what inspired the Poles to accept that brutal game, describes how that same game inspired an increasing number of climbers of other nationalities to jump into that dangerous arena, and how, as the first ascents were achieved In the winter of these mountains, the competition intensified until recently in 2021, the top of K2 was finally conquered in the most difficult conditions.

The eight-thousand in winter is a story of authentic adventure in the most demanding of its facets and of the vital trajectories of its protagonists. Without a doubt, this book is an essential contribution of Bernadette McDonald to the history of mountaineering.


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