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CAMP - More Than a Century Manufacturing Moutaineering Gear in the Italian Alps

A blacksmith, naturally...

To talk about the history of C.A.M.P (Conception of Articles for Mountaineering Made in Premana) we have to go back very far. The company was founded back in 1889 in the quaint village of Premana in the Italian Alps by Nicola Codega, grandfather of the current owners. Blacksmith by profession, he began making numerous wrought iron objects, following the tradition of Premana, forged in the heat of the intense mining activity in the area during the nineteenth century.

It took 30 years for Nicola's son, Antonio, to manufacture the first ice axe, a modern tool that came to replace the traditional alpenstock. It was an Italian officer of the mountain troops who, after returning from World War I, understood the need of the soldiers of the Alpine battalions to have a reliable, light material that would allow them to move effectively, and sought help from the Codegas. It was the beginning of the 20s, and the development of modern mountaineering equipment was born.

Soon the name of CAMP was famous among mountaineers, and by 1940, before the outbreak of World War II, the factory already had forty workers.

After the parenthesis of the world war, one of the best and most legendary climbers of the time visited Premana to see the Codegas. His name was Riccardo Cassin. With his charisma, experience and unparalleled passion for the mountains, Cassin helped Antonio's four children to develop the brand's mountaineering gear, which evolved with the new modern challenges and in turn helped to achieve them.

For the next fifty years, CAMP continued to develop ice axes, crampons, hammer, pitons, nuts and other climbing gear, and its fame soon transcended the borders of Italy and Europe, being one of the preferred brands for American mountaineers.

Now in the 21st century, C.A.M.P continues working from Premana, its birthplace in the Alps, to help all those who love the spirit of adventure and nature. For all those who love paths of exploration and following them in the mountains.

Just as it’s been doing for over a hundred years.


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