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Winter 2021: Innovations in Footwear and Outdoor Equipment

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This coming season brings really interesting innovations for winter activities, such as new backpacks and the lightest ski touring harness in the world, as well as new shoes and an expanded range of mini-crampons for trail running, but it also brings innovations for less common winter activities, such as climbing. Let’s find out more:
This winter season brings innovations in ski touring, climbing and competition equipment. Photo SCARPA

A few days ago we talked about the latest trends in textiles launched by mountain brands for this coming autumn/winter season. We saw how brands are focusing more on new manufacturing systems than new materials, in order to make the final product more efficient while concentrating on environmental sustainability as their commitment to the planet.

In this article we present the main innovations in footwear and equipment that will shortly be available at Barrabes.


There are two models with the same name (Ultra) but with different surnames (Glide and Pro) for quite different uses, although in certain circumstances they may be compatible. They are categorised by the brand as top of the range models for mountain running and hiking.

Salomon Ultra Glide

Designed for long distances, all the details and technologies aimed at providing maximum comfort without losing out on the technicality these models require.

This means the weight is extremely low (at just 260 grams) for an ultra-distance running shoe, but weight is not the only focus, and nothing is spared to achieve those fewer grams.

Well-known Salomon technologies that continue include the SensiFit system which allows a precise and comfortable fit, the Contagrip sole for good grip and durability and Quicklace lacing system. Among the new features we can highlight the Energy Surge midsole, characterized by lightweight and cushioning, and the rocker profile for smoother and more fluid transition.

Salomon Ultra Glide, lightweight for ultra-trails

Salomon X Pro Gore-Tex

A few months ago we talked about the X Pro range with the comparison of the two models then on the market: X Pro 3 and X Pro 4. We commented how both models shared common features but we highlighted the differences to show which shoe could be more suitable for each need. We talked about why a newer version was slightly heavier than its predecessor and explained the reasons.

With the X Ultra Pro GTX we find a model that retains the technical features of the chassis (ADV-C + Active Support) and sole (Contragrip MA) evolved in two very beneficial aspects for hiking: on the one hand lower weight at just 340 grams compared to the 390 grams of the X Ultra 4 GTX and on the other hand the use of Gore-Tex elastic in two directions to ensure waterproofing without compromising comfort.


After a spring and summer with a stylized, lighter range of footwear that retains the quality, strength and durability of the legendary Italian brand, this winter brings a new technology, not in hiking and high mountaineering, but in climbing, with the Quantic climbing shoes in a men's version and a women's version

SCARPA Quantic climbing shoe, finally technicality and comfort are combined.

We know how complicated it is to choose multipurpose climbing shoes and we have already written an article about the best way to choose them. It usually feels as if an all-purpose climbing shoe is impossible to find, as there are so many factors to consider; your climbing grade, the type of rock, length of time you wear them, plus the mandatory personal requirements (boy or girl, foot anatomy, personal tastes...

With the Quantic climbing shoe, everything seems to indicate they have succeeded in creating a shoe that combines what have always been considered as the two most contradicting characteristics in climbing footwear: technicality and comfort..

The way in which it achieves this is by combining technical materials and adjustments specifically adapted to each area of the foot: the new HT Tension system distributes the pressure along the entire foot, the PAF System wraps the heel without disturbing the Achilles tendon, the upper made of 5 pieces of microfiber and the slight curve of the toe has been designed to maintain a relaxed posture but give it a good position on small holds.


The main innovation from this brand (and what an innovation it is) is the complete restyling of its veteran Cascadia with the appearance of the Cascadia 16. Many changes appear in the iconic Brooks shoe, and they stand out for their lighter weight (for the first time under 300 grams) and other technical and aesthetic changes..

Brooks Cascadia 16, the first version under 300 grams.

Among the technical changes, the disappearance of the famous pivot post feature stands out above all others. Strictly speaking, the technology that provided cushioning and stability still exists, although in this version of the shoe is not so visible.

Speaking of cushioning and stability, not only is there change with the pivot post, the DNA Loft in its second version reduces the impact of foot strike, making the run more comfortable, and this time they have added a plate that covers the entire forefoot giving greater reactivity and stability. The rubber compound is also new, providing greater grip without sacrificing too much durability.


We’ll see very interesting new products from this Italian brand. As has become a tradition, low weight and innovation continue to be the hallmark of CAMP, and this can be seen in their new range of mini-crampons, harnesses and ski mountaineering backpacks.


There are three new models of mini-crampons for trail running on snow or occasionally for hiking, The classic Ice Master has been kept in the range and three other models with the same name complete the mini-crampon collection. The features are the same: stainless steel, 13 tips with four available sizes.

CAMP mini-crampon for all conditions.

The Ice Master Run is the lightest model (188 grams, size L) and best suited to deal with constant flex when trail running. The Ice Master Evo is a very versatile mini-crampon, with unquestionable durability and reliability, ideal for occasional use on snowfields or non-steep glaciers. The Ice Master Light is the lightest mini-crampon (282 grams, size L) for glacier touring.

Ski Touring

If presenting new products is something we love to do for our customers, when we are able to offer a striking presentation, we can't hide our satisfaction. Among the products due to arrive in the next few days, is the lightest approved harness in the world for ski touring competition.


Introducing the Alp Race by CAMP, the lightest certified harness in history, weighing in at just 68 grams and awarded Gold Winner at ISPO 2021 for the third time in the last four years. Using UHMW polyethylene (Ultra High Molecular Weight, ultra high molecular mass) and monofilament polyamide as the main materials, it has an unbeatable resistance with minimum weight. Its folded size is also incredible: it fits in one hand.

CAMP Alp Race, the lightest harness in history.

As it has fixed leg loops, it cannot be put on without removing your skis, but it is suitable for ski touring competition where you have to have all your equipment on before you set off. It is adjusted by means of elastic cord and cord lock.

The Alp CR harness is also of interest. Weighing below 100 grams (94 grams), it maintains the light essence of the Alp Race but with certain advantages such not having to remove your skis or crampons to put it on, which makes it fully versatile for use on all types of ski mountaineering activities or, given its low weight and compact design, in situations of occasional use or mountain emergencies.


CAMP's ski touring backpacks, already a reference in terms of their low weight and technicality, have also undergone a spectacular transformation that places them among the most desired models for competition or fast activity. The Rapid and Rapid Racing backpacks, both with 20-liter capacity, are the ultimate example of this.

The Rapid Racing backpack by CAMP has several interesting accessories and technologies designed for competition: an adjustable ski carry loop for quick transitions, X-Press carry technology with rewind system, quick and easy access to crampons and truck bull tethering system, and all this at just 300 grams.

In the same way that the Alp Race harness inspired the Alp CR as a more commercial version for the general public, the Rapid Racing backpack has also inspired the Rapid backpack for use on less specific activities. It is more comfortable thanks to its padding and has more accessories. It is also almost twice the weight (590 grams), which does not prevent it from being one of the most comfortable and ergonomic backpacks for ski touring.

You will be able to see all these innovations and many more at our stores in the coming weeks, We look forward to your visit!

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