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Michelin soles for Mizuno trail running shoes

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The Japanese brand decided to leverage Michelin’s experience into the manufacturing of its soles.

Mizuno Hayate 3
One of the most crucial –if not the most crucial– elements of any mountain running shoe is the sole. It is the point of connection between the runner and the terrain and makes it possible to safely traverse rough areas, wet patches, mud, loose rocks…

Sole design and material make all the difference, and meeting a runner’s needs is often no easy task, since each type of sole requires a different design and type of rubber. That said, manufacturers have made advances in the creation of a versatile trail running sole that were unimaginable only a few years back.

Enter Japanese brand Mizuno, which made a ground-breaking decision when it came to this crucial element of its shoes: to partner with the rubber experts, the French tire manufacturer Michelin, in the design and manufacture its soles.

The result is a sole made with Outdoor Compound, the leading compound on the market after decades of R&D in the car-racing and cycling world, paired with the most tested designs around. Michelin drew inspiration from the materials and design of two of its tires to create the soles for Mizuno running shoes:

Wild Mud, mountain bike tires famous for their grip, endurance, and excellent ability to clear mud, were translated into the sole of the Wave Mujin shoe, designed for long and ultra distances, and Wave Daichi, a slightly lighter and more dynamic model.

Mizuno Mujin 3

Mizuno Daichi
Wild Rock, also for mountain bikes, are tires created for uneven, rough and extreme terrain. These inspired the sole of the Wave Hayate, Mizuno’s fast and dynamic “flying shoe”, a lightweight model with a firm, responsive ride, ideal for quick runs and races.

Mizuno Hayate 3
The result is an unbeatable downhill grip, outstanding traction on all types of terrain, extremely high mud-clearing performance, particularly with the Wild Mud, and rubber made with the Outdoor Compound for superior durability.
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