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Video-Product Review: Arc’teryx Atom SL Hoody

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The Canadian brand had an interesting idea with this jacket: take the concept of a 2nd-3rd down filled layer for the winter, and use it for the other seasons.

The new Atom SL Hoody from Arc’teryx uses a basic concept that is clever and unique: to take a second or third, down filled layer designed for the winter, and turn it into a three season jacket.

When these jackets were first released, they were considered to be a breakthrough due to their high capacity to retain heat, minimal weight, and high compression. Taking all of this into account, the result was a versatile, third layer jacket for cold, dry weather, or a second layer in cold, wet weather. The idea was to replace fleeces, which also took up very little backpack space, and were really comfortable.

Yet in the summer, this type of clothing can be excessive. So what Arc'teryx did was create a garment with minimum weight (261 grams including a hood), high compressibility (which allows it to be stored in any part of a bag), and technicality (with its elastic side panels and athletic design), but with the proper heat control for use in three seasons.

It is a brilliant idea that allows you to save space and weight for your outings, without sacrificing any performance. The Atom SL Hoody, in both the men’s and women’s models, is perfect for a variety of activities including mountaineering, mountain climbing, summer and three season hiking, and even spring cross-country skiing.

The jacket is filled with Coreloft, a material with an efficient heat/weight ratio, and the exterior is made with Tyono, which is patented by Arc'teryx. Its main feature is its high water repellency (be careful, it is not waterproof) and great durability, despite its extreme light weight.

Obviously, it is not as strong as materials that are three times heavier, but still stronger than it appears when first touched. Being able to endure much more than it seems, and with minimal care, this jacket can last you a long time.

As you can see, this was a garment that we truly enjoyed. You can toss it in your backpack at any time of the year, without adding a ton of weight and discomfort. It ensures you warmth when needed and doesn’t penalize your movements due to a good cut and technical design.

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