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Grivel’s Twin Gate Carabiners: Locking safety and an easy-to-use system in a single carabiner?

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Grivel's Twin Gate system aims to combine ease of use with the safety of a locking carabiner.

If safety were the only thing to keep in mind when climbing, it would be tough to find a reason to use anything other than locking carabiners. That said, other factors obviously influence the gear climbers choice, with the inherent impact on safety: in some situations, using a locking carabiner is a certain recipe for a fall – the time and maneuvering it takes to clip and unclip a standard locking carabiner can push climbers to the limit. Exactly the reason why quickdraws usually don’t use locking carabiners.

Screwlock carabiners have gone through several evolutions, yet still followed the original system to a greater or lesser extent. Until Grivel’s Twin Gate hit the scene.

This system is a completely new take on the homemade way that climbers turn a standard carabiner into a locking one by placing two carabiners side-by-side and upside-down so that the opening on one is next to the spine of the other and vice-versa. The Twin Gate does the same thing, but with a single carabiner.

It does take a bit of work to handle the carabiner at first, mainly because instinct makes you want to open the inner gate and then push on the outer one with your other fingers to clip on. But that’s not how it works: simply push the outer gate and the anchor or rope will open the inner one. What you have to get used to is pushing outwards instead of inwards, but you’re only dealing with one gate, not two.

The same maneuver is required to unclip, but this time by opening the inner gate – the rope or anchor will open the outer one.

This is an extremely effective solution once you get the hang of it, and can be used in a quickdraw when leading, even if only in those spots where a standard carabiner runs the risk of being hit, the ropes may get crossed, etc., eliminating the safety issues that these situations can cause.

Grivel has incorporated this system into many of the carabiners in its range: from HMS (logical) to carabiners used for quickdraws. It is here that the system becomes truly innovative, since these types of carabiners gave rarely been used in quickdraws...until now.

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