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La Sportiva Akyra trail running shoes

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In general, the questions that runners often ask is: Where do these shoes fall in La Sportiva’s range?

Initial rumors hinted that these shoes would substitute the famous Ultra Raptor, but that’s not the case: both are included in the range. In fact, you can still read this debunked rumor in comments by numerous enthusiasts and in several forums.

The rumor isn’t true. The Akyra fill a gap between the Akasha and the Ultra Raptor. Perhaps the easiest way to define them is to say that they are like Akashas with enhanced strength and structure, or like an Ultra Raptor with a boost of agility and aggressiveness.

Perfectly suited for fast, medium-distance runners who prefer greater protection than that offered by the Akasha, or runners in ultra and long-distance races looking for a more aggressive and dynamic option.

That said, it may seem that the Akyra either replaces both models or falls somewhere between the two. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are outstanding shoes for a run and there’s no question about where they belong. There are participants of ultras that need agility and aggressiveness at the cost of a bit of protection, and not all ultras are run on such hard terrain (many have a course that almost entirely follows a path). And there are those who like to have enhanced protection, despite wanting the agility and aggressiveness of the Akasha.

And besides, although designed for long distance runs, we found these to be an interesting option for off-road shoes. Except for very specific activities like vertical kilometer races, these may be the shoes that we would recommend for those who use a single pair of shoes to train, compete, and run ultras, half distances, on easier terrain or more rugged terrain. The shoe that does it all.

How to Choose the Right Trail Running Shoes for You

La Sportiva Akyra

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La sportiva Akyra

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La sportiva Akyra

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La sportiva Akyra W

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