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05 September 2016

Video: Chris Sharma in Aruba

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Watch as Chris Sharma takes on boulders in Aruba

The forever wandering American climber, Chris Sharma, currently leading an impressive project in Montrebei, also found time to do some bouldering in the placidity of the Caribbean island of Aruba. In between swimming in the sea, strolling the beautiful beaches, and watching Caribbean sunsets, Sharma and his wife Jimena encountered some complex boulders that were too good to resist.

To most people, days in the Caribbean mean relaxation and vacation, but not to Sharma, as he traded in his sandals for climbing shoes. He wouldn’t have it any other way and climbed boulders and caves that only other climbers of his level could attempt. Have a look for yourself in this video.

Chris Sharma Barcelona

Chris Sharma climbing rock climbing boulder


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