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19 April 2016

The Pou brothers in Siberia

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Last summer, the Pou brothers, Hansjörg Auer, Jacopo Larcher and Sieve Vanhee spent a month in one of the most secluded areas of Siberia, opening climbing routes in one push and non-stop Alpine style. Their impeccable style consisted in free-climbing from the base, in one attempt and with a maximum of eleven hours of uninterrupted climbing.

But rather than the climbs, what stuck in their minds most after their expedition were the mosquitoes: “The place is stunning, and offers incredible possibilities for climbing. But the mosquitoes were unbearable, it was crazy. We spent nearly five hundred euros on mosquito repellent and that still wasn’t enough.”

This video, courtesy of The North Face, shows some of their climbs on the magnificent rock and gives us an idea of the difficulties they faced as they tried to resist the clouds of mosquitoes.

The Pou brothers climbing in Siberia

Pou brothers

On the “El General” and “El Comandante” walls

  • “Aupa” 6c/300 m
  • “Mosquito Rock Tour” 7a+/450m
  • “Into the Wild” 7a/425m
  • “The Two Parrots” 7a/320m

Hansjorg Auer, Jacopo Larcher, Sieve Vanhee

On “El General”, “El Comandante” and “El Monje” Walls (First route on this mountain)

  • “Wake up in Siberia” 6b/240m
  • “Red Corner” 7c+/450m
  • “Sketchy Django” 6a+/400m
  • “From Zero to Hero” 7a/490m

pou brothers siberia


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