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04 October 2016

Video: Chris Sharma Repeats Joe Mama, 9a+, Oliana

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Sharma headed back to the route that gave him problems in the Spring

The other week, Chris Sharma sended Joe Mama, a 9a+ in Oliana that was equipped three years ago by Joe Kinder, but was left as an open project. It wasn’t until this year that the Slovenian climber Klemen Becan ultimately made the first official ascent.

Sharma and Becan were trying the route together last Spring but Sharma couldn’t get passed the upper section. Due to the birth of his beautiful daughter, Sharma left the project to spend some time with his newly formed family which paved the way for Becan to send it first.

Sharma used this time to train in his Barcelona gym to work on a more systematic approach to his training with Patxi Usobiaga. Even though he was close to sending it last season, Sharma admitted that he had underestimated the route so he put in the extra work in order to finish it. Once completed he said, “Maybe it was in my head or maybe it was all the training with Patxi Usobiaga last summer, but I finally felt the flow!” So nice to finish off this line! Gotta keep on moving!”

As you can see in the video, the results speak for themselves. After training hard and structured for the first time in his life, as well as deep water soloing on Mallorca, Chris Sharma came back to Oliana and accomplished what he set out to do. He went on to say, "So refreshing to come back this season with an open mind and no expectations other than to just enjoy climbing.”

Chris Sharma, in action on Joe Mama, Oliana
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